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Fill Backorders Screen

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The Fill Backorders screen is where the user can batch process a group of orders awaiting replenishment, as opposed to the order by order basis that occurs at the at the Orders screen.

After new inventory has been received into the Order Manager, open this screen, and make the desired filtering and action selections. Then click the [Start] button to have the program "fill" outstanding orders for backordered line items.

The Fill Backorders screen is accessed via the Inventory & Suppliers tab of the Maintenance Menu. For more information, refer to the Knowledge Base topic, Backorders.

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Description of the Fill Backorders Screen

Figure 1: Fill Backorders screen

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Balances & Credits Section

Shipping Dates Section

Fill Options Section

Fill Backorders for: Section

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SKUs with Backorders and Items in Stock Section

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Created: 7/11/11

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