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Enter Barcodes Screen

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The Enter Barcodes screen can be accessed via the Inventory & Suppliers tab of the Maintenance Menu, and allows the user to quickly enter barcodes for a group of inventory items, as opposed to editing each individual inventory record.

An alternate method of assigning barcodes to products without a barcode scanner is to have the program autogenerate barcodes as inventory records are created. To use this feature, set system parameter AutoGenerateBarcodes to TRUE.  This will have no effect on inventory records that have been created prior to this parameter being set to TRUE. Refer to Barcodes and Barcode Scanners  for more information.  

Barcodes must be unique across all products. If the user attempts to enter the same barcode for more than one inventory record, the program will tell the user that it cannot perform the requested action and indicate the product record to which that barcode is already assigned.

The grid at the bottom of the screen contains all of the inventory items that have been defined in the program. Use the controls at the top of the screen to locate a group records to be updated, select the row of a product and scan the barcode of the product.

The user must complete several steps to configure the barcode scanner prior to attempting to enter barcodes for products. Refer to Configuring a Metrologic Barcode Scanner for more information.

The Order Manager has only been rigorously tested with the Metrologic Voyager MS 9520 barcode scanners. Other scanners that emulate keyboard input may work with the Order Manager, but they have not been certified by Stone Edge Technologies, Inc.


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Description of the Enter Barcodes Screen

Figure 1: Enter Barcodes screen

Sort By: Section

SKU Radio Button

Item Name Radio Button

Ascending Radio Button

Descending Radio Button

Find: Section

SKUs starting with Field

Names starting with Field

Datasheet Section (Grid)

SKU Column

Item Name Column

Barcode Column

Close Button

How to Enter a Barcode for an Inventory Item via the Enter Barcodes Screen

  1. Changes made at this screen take effect immediately. When making mass changes it is advisable to first backup the store data file.

  2. If a barcode scanner has not yet been configured for use with the Order Manager, complete those steps before continuing with these instructions.

  3. Use the Sort by: radio buttons or Find: fields to view the inventory records in the desired sequence.

  4. Click anywhere in the row of a product seen in the Datasheet (Grid).

  5. Scan the barcode of the product to see it populated in the Barcode column of the Enter Barcodes screen.

  6. If the incorrect barcode is inadvertently scanned, simply scan the correct barcode, while the same product record is still selected. The program will prompt the user for confirmation before replacing the existing data in the grid.

Figure 2: Change Barcode prompt

  1. Click [OK] to continue making the change, or [Cancel] to abandon the change.

  2. When finished adding barcodes, click the [Close] button to exit the Enter Barcodes screen.   


Created: 8/2/11

Modified: 9/12/13

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