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Backup Data File

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The information contained in your data file(s) is unique to your store(s). It contains all of your customer, order, and supplier records in addition to all of the system settings you entered in System Parameters. If a store data file is lost or becomes corrupted, you will need to restore a backup copy. The program provides the functionality to create backup copies of your MS Access store data files from the Main Menu, Quick Clicks, or Maintenance Menu, by clicking a button. SQL store data files must be backed up through SQL Server Management Studio. I The Order Manager does not provide an automated restore utility for MS Access or SQL databases. Manual intervention is required for both.

The user may wish to invest in third party backup and recovery software to ensure the safety of their critical files. Many of these product offer the ability to schedule backups automatically. Sending a copy of critical files off-site is also highly recommended to provide a smooth recovery from any physical disasters affecting your store or warehouse.

Stone Edge Technologies strongly recommends that you make daily backups of your data file(s). We can replace your program file (e.g. SEOrdman.mdb) but we cannot replace your data file(s)!

MS Access Data Files

Making a Back Up Copy of an Access Data File


The Backup Data File function button/link places a copy of the current store’s data file in the archive directory specified on the Orders tab of the Store Setup Wizard (pre-5.9 version) or in the location specified by the system parameter ArchiveLocation (v5.9+).

The file is named OrderDataBUyyyymmdd.mdb, where "yyyymmdd" is the date the backup was performed. If a file with that name already exists (i.e., a backup was performed earlier that same day), the program adds a hyphen and a number to the name, e.g. OrderDataBU20050214-1.mdb.

The program does not delete old backup files automatically. Therefore, you may want to delete old backup copies from your archive directory every month or so to avoid occupying large quantities of disk space.

Note: To back up your Custom Reports.mdb and Email Templates folder, you must manually make copies and save them to another directory or in the same directory with a different name. There is no built-in function in the program to make backup copies of these folders. Alternately, you may use a third-party software solution to backup your critical files on a regularly scheduled basis.


Restore a Backup Copy of an Access Data File

1. Delete or rename the current copy of the Order Manager’s data file (i.e., the bad copy that you want to replace). For example, if your store’s data file is called MyOrders.mdb, rename it MyOrdersOldData.mdb.


2. Go to the archive directory specified on the Orders tab of the Store Setup Wizard or the location specified in the parameter, ArchiveLocation, and copy the backup data file that you want to restore. (Right-click the file and select Copy)


3. Paste the copy of the data file you just copied from the archive directory into the directory where the store’s data file is located. (Right-click in the folder and select Paste)

Note: Do NOT delete the copy of the backup data file in the archive directory. You may need to restore from it in the future.


4. Rename the backup data file you pasted in step 3 to the original name of your store’s data file, i.e. MyOrders.mdb. (Right-click the file  select Rename. Alter the name of the file in the highlighted box and press Enter.)


Note: Follow these basic directions to restore copies of your Custom Reports.mdb and Email Templates folder, as well, if it ever becomes necessary.


Updated: 8/12/14

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