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This article describes the features and functions that are available at the View Supplier screen. New supplier records can be added or existing supplier records can be updated. Company and contact information, as well as notes and purchase order preferences can be recorded here.

To open the (View) Suppliers screen, follow one of the paths below:

Figure 1: View Suppliers screen - Company Info tab (default view)

Description of the View Suppliers screen:

The Company Info Tab

Figure 2: View Suppliers screen - Company Info tab

The Purchase Order Options Tab

The Purchase Order Options tab is divided into two sections: regular Purchase Orders (the two left-most columns) and Drop-Shipping purchase orders (on the right).

Regular Purchase Orders

Drop Ship Purchase Orders

Figure 3: View Suppliers screen - Purchase Order Options tab

The Notes Tab

Figure 4: View Suppliers screen - Notes tab

The Custom Fields Tab

Figure 5: View Suppliers screen - Custom Fields tab


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Created: 1/27/11

Modified: 1/17/12

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