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This Knowledge Base topic discusses the Users & Security section of the Store Setup Wizard. On the first page of the Users & Security section there are parameters that allow or disallow the program to perform certain functions, such as allowing a user to edit or delete a note that has been added to an order, customer, inventory or supplier record. These parameters are all or nothing, across the board - in other words, they are not user-specific. If they are set to No or False, no user will be able to perform these functions regardless of the security group to which they belong. The program will simply not permit the function to be executed.

The second page of the User & Security section is where the security system can be enabled and UserIDs can be assigned to everyone that uses the program. Each UserID is assigned to at least one security group that governs the permissions of its members. Access can be restricted at the form or screen level, or down to the specific button on the form. Review the Knowledge Base topic, Security Groups, Permissions and UserIDs, for more information.  

Although it is not necessary to have the security system enabled to define Packers  and Salespeople, that information can also be entered on this screen. In order for the program to operate in PCI Compliant Mode, however, the Security System must be enabled.  

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Description of Page 1 of the Users & Security Screen

Figure 2: Setup Wizard, Users & Security Page 1

Fields and Controls on the Users & Security Page 1

Setting on Users & Security Page 1

Corresponding System Parameter
Inventory adjustments at misc. screens AllowAdjustInventory

Edit notes

Delete notes AllowDeleteNotes
Edit payment information AllowEditCCInfo***
Edit transaction details AllowEditTransactions
Delete line items from orders AllowDeleteLineItem
Delete Email Templates AllowDeleteEmailTemplate
Delete entire orders AllowDeletingOrders
Revise the cost of a line item at Orders screen AllowReviseLineItem
Revise the cost of a drop-shipped item at the Orders screen AllowChangeDropShipCost
Change prices at Manual Orders or Orders screens AllowPriceChanges
Approve orders with unresolved Reasons for Review AllowApprovewithOpenIssues*
Approve orders with unresolved drop-ships AllowApproveUnorderedDropShips
Ship orders that have a balance due AllowApprovewithBalanceDue*
Delete credit card acct. numbers after 30 days or more AllowDeleteCreditCardInfo**
When displaying credit card numbers within the program, just show the last four digits HideAccountNumbers**
Cancel orders from customers marked "DoNotShipTo" CancelOrderFromDoNotShipTos

Chart 1


*   this parameter can also be set at the Order Processing section, Page 1

**  this parameter is available for users that are not running the program in PCI Compliant Mode  

*** this parameter is only applicable to payments that are logged, such as a cash or check payment; credit card transactions cannot  be edited, despite the name of the parameter, which is carried over from previous versions of the program   

Fields and Controls on the Users & Security Page 2

Figure 3: Setup Wizard, Users & Security Page 2

Add Sales People Button

Add Packers Button

Setup Security Button

Set Startup Screens

Alert Message Settings

The Order Manager is able to provide our users with information about problems that may currently affect the services provided by our business partners or other Stone Edge services, such as the Order Status System, etc. When the program is launched and the license is checked, the program will also look to see if there are any current messages that have not been sent to this user. The program will mark if as being sent and it will not attempt to send that message again. The user may specify where the program should send the information based on the following fields:  

Send it to this email address Field
Show it on the computer named Field
Show it to this security group Drop-down List

Navigational Arrows

Wizard Section and Page Numbers

Help Button

Cancel Button

Save and Exit Button



Created: 4/11/11

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