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This topic of the Knowledge Base  discusses the Products & Inventory section of the Store Setup Wizard, which has three pages. The first page deals with suppliers, otherwise known as vendors. The second page contains settings that tell the program whether it should track inventory and if so, how should it process backorders. The third page contains miscellaneous settings such as requiring a reason to be entered when quantity on hand adjustments are made, choosing if the program should create a unique numeric barcode for each new product, or determining if multi-level pricing be allowed.

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Description of Page 1 of the Products & Inventory Section

Figure 1: Store Setup Wizard - Products & Inventory, Page 1  Suppliers

Current List of Suppliers Field

Add/Edit Suppliers Button

Description of Page 2 of the Products & Inventory Section

Figure 2: Store Setup Wizard - Products & Inventory, Page 2  


Settings on Products & Inventory Section Page2

Corresponding System Parameter
Do you want to track the quantity on hand?  

Yes - Track the quantity on hand for my products.

No - don't track inventory, assume all items are always in stock CheckInventory=FALSE
If the QOH > 0, but < the Quantity Ordered  

Fill whatever can be shipped now and backorder the rest

Backorder the entire line item. ShipPartialOrders=FALSE

Chart 1

Description of Page 3 of the Products & Inventory Section

Figure 3: Store Setup Wizard - Products & Inventory, Page 3  


Settings on Products & Inventory Section Page3

Corresponding System Parameter
Autogenerate Barcodes for new products?  

Yes -  check the box

No - leave the box unchecked AutoGenerateBarCodes=FALSE
How many digits should be in the Barcode?  

Enter the number of digits in this field; can range from 3 to 9 digits; depends on BarCodeSet that is used

Track Quantity on Hand Adjustments?  
Yes - check the box TrackInventoryAdjustments=TRUE
No - leave the box unchecked TrackInventoryAdjustments=FALSE
Use Multi-Level Pricing?  

Yes -  check the box


No - leave the box unchecked


Level 1 - Level 10


Enter a name for each price level that will be used

PricingLevel1Name - PricingLevel10Name

Chart 2

Enter reasons for QOH adjustments Button

Navigational Arrows

Wizard Section and Page Numbers

Help Button

Cancel Button

Save and Exit Button


Created: 4/21/11

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