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ShipWire is an eCommerce Order Fulfillment Service that allows merchants to outsource the shipping portion of their business. For more information about this service, visit their official web site.

Configuring the Order Manager to Use Shipwire

  1. To use Shipwire fulfillment services in conjunction with the Order Manager, the user needs to create a fulfillment center definition in the Order Manager.

    1. Go to the Maintenance Menu, Shipping & Fulfillment tab and select [Fulfillment Centers] from the list.

Figure 1: Fulfillment Centers screen - creating a ShipWire Fulfillment Center definition in Order Manager

    1. Click on, or tab to, an empty row in the list.   

    2. Enter Shipwire in both the Code and Name fields, as shown in Figure 1.

    3. Click the [Close] button to exit the screen and save the fulfillment center definition. It is not necessary to create a Fulfillment (Center Export) Template or complete any other fields on this screen.

  1. Once the Shipwire fulfillment center has been defined, it can be assigned to:

Figure 2: View Inventory screen

Figure 3: List Maintenance screen - Select a fulfillment center by Inventory Category

Figure 4: Set System Parameters screen - parameter DefaultFulfillmentCenter

  1. Enter the appropriate values provided by Shipwire into the following Order Manager system parameters:

Figure 5: Set System Parameters - Shipwire parameter group

Refer to the Knowledge Base article, Set System Parameters, for more information about how to set parameters.

  1. Done! When an order is approved, the data will be automatically sent to Shipwire's API (application programming interface).

Importing Tracking Information from Shipwire

To update the Order Manager with tracking information from Shipwire:

Figure 6: Maintenance Menu, Shipping & Fulfillment tab - Shipwire: Import Tracking Numbers

Synchronizing QOH Data with Shipwire   

To update the Order Manager with Quantity On Hand information from Shipwire:

How to Stop Using Shipwire

To stop a product or product's information from being sent to Shipwire, remove the fulfillment center selection from the appropriate location in the Order Manager, depending on the way it was initially set up. For instance, if Shipwire was configured at the product level, remove Shipwire as the Fulfillment Center selection in that product's inventory record.

Refer to Step 2 of section, Configuring the Order Manager to Use Shipwire.



Created: 4/1/11

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