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The Order Manager is able to create a quote, or estimate, in the system rather than an actual order when a customer is merely requesting information about a product, but is not yet prepared to order and pay for it. Quotes can be duplicated, modified, printed and emailed, just as an order can, and when the customer is ready to commit, the program can turn a quote into an order.

Quotes can be created via the Manual Orders screen, which is accessed from the Main Menu by clicking [Manual Entry] link in the Orders section of the screen.

The Email Template Editor now has a button for testing email templates with quotes.  

Description of the Quotes Screen

Figure 1: The Quotes screen

Creating a Quote

  1. Go to the Manual Orders screen. Enter all customer and product information as if a regular order was being placed, but do not enter payment information.

  2. When all of the customer and product data has been entered, press the [Quotes] button at the top right-hand corner of the screen to open the Quotes screen.

  3. If desired, enter an Optional Reference # that can be used to search for the quote at a later date.

  4. If a printed copy of the quote is requested, enter the number of copies to be printed in the text box in the top, center section of the screen.

  5. Click the [Save Quote] button to create the quote in the system.

Converting a Quote to an Order

  1. Go to the Manual Orders screen and click the [Quotes] button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  2. Locate the quote that is to be converted by entering a Reference #, a Quote # in the Find a Quote section of the screen and pressing the [Enter] key; or by using the [Search] button to enter the criteria the system should use to locate the quote.

  3. Click the [View] button in the Selected Quote area of the screen. The currently selected quote's information will populate the (View) Orders screen.

  4. Make any necessary changes, such as adding payment information.

  5. Click the [Save] button to create an order from the quote.

  6. The program will prompt the user asking if the quote should be saved as an order. To proceed, click the [OK] button.

  7. Otherwise, click the [Cancel] button for it to remain in the system as a quote.

System Parameters Associated with Quotes

For more information about how to set system parameters, refer the Knowledge Base article in the previous hyper-link.




Modified: 10/4/11

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