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Search for Quotes Screen

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The Search for Quotes screen is called by the Search button on the Quotes screen, as one might expect. It is basically the same as the Search for Orders screen, except that only a limited number of fields on the screen will be active. Fields such as Actual Ship Date and Item Status will be grayed out, since they do not apply to a quote. If the quote is eventually converted to an order, then those fields would be applicable and active.

Use this screen to locate a quote or group of quotes by the criteria that is entered at this screen.

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Description of the Search for Quotes Screen

Figure 1: Search for Quotes screen

Begin Search Button

Cancel Button

Standard Fields Tab

Quote # Field

Reference # Field

Quote Date

Exp. Ship Date Field

Bill To:

Ship To:

Drop-Shipped Items Check Box

Payment Method Drop-down List

Shopping Cart Drop-down List

Shipping Method Drop-down List

PO # Field

Customer Information

Quotes that Include: Section

This section of the screen provides the means to filter quotes based on all, or a selected group of product SKUs or Item Names

Custom Order, Customer & Inventory Fields Tab

Figure 2: Search for Quotes screen - Custom Order, Customer & Inventory Fields tab

Custom Detail Fields Tab

Figure 3: Search for Quotes screen - Custom Details Fields tab

Additional Search Fields Tab


Figure 4: Search for Quotes screen - Additional Search Fields tab


Grand Total Amount

Balance Due

Transaction Amount

Reason for Review


Sales Person


IP Address

Ext. Auction ID

Ext. Sale ID



Created: 3/4/11

Modified: 6/24/11

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