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Importing from Multiple Shopping Carts into a Single Order Manager Store File

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The Stone Edge Order Manager allows the user to manage Internet and phone orders from multiple sales channels, or shopping carts. For example, orders from Miva, Yahoo!, and Amazon shopping carts can all be managed through a single interface from a single Order Manager database.

This configuration should only be implemented if the sales channels are part of the same legal entity. Accounting data is exported as a single company.

It is most beneficial to use this configuration when inventory is shared across several shopping cart systems.

Using a Single Order Manager Store File with Multiple Shopping Carts

If inventory is shared across the sales channels, it can be managed more effectively from a single Order Manager database

Overall inventory levels can be easily and quickly viewed

Depending on the shopping cart systems in use, real-time inventory tracking can be configured to keep all of the channels up-to-date with the current product QOH numbers

All data will be exported to a single QuickBooks Company file as one company

Reports that list information by source (shopping cart) can be generated, allowing you to track sales performance of products across sales channels

Only one store file would need to be backed up on a daily basis

Cart-based system parameters support the use of different email addresses, company contact information and logos

Use the Cart-based parameters to configure different credit card processors for each shopping cart, if necessary

Use the cart-based parameters to leverage the branding of manually placed orders

How to Setup Multiple Shopping Carts to Import into Single Data File

  1. Using either a brand new store file or an existing store file, create a definition for each Shopping Cart within the Stone Edge Order Manager. Refer to Create/Edit Shopping Carts.

  2. Configure the Cart Based System Parameters (Special Parameters) as they apply to each shopping cart system.

  3. Also refer to Setting Up Multiple Credit Card Gateways, if necessary.

Parameters that are cart based:


Created: 10/10/11

Modified: 2/6/12

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