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Coupons Screen

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The Order Manager is able to utilize coupons that are defined within the system itself, or coupons that are used at the web store (shopping cart), provided the cart sends that information in the XML along with the other order information upon import.

At the Coupons screen, the user can Add, Edit or Delete a coupon. Obviously, at least one coupon must already be defined in order to use the Edit or Delete buttons on the Coupons screen. Refer to the Knowledge Base page, Add/Edit Coupon Screen, for more information about using that screen.  

The Coupons screen can be accessed by going to the Maintenance Menu, clicking on the Setup Functions tab and selecting Coupon from the list of possible activities. This screen will list all of the coupons that are defined in the program and the pertinent information that was entered about each coupon at the Add Coupon screen.

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Description of the Coupons Screen

Figure 1: Coupons screen

Fields and Controls on the Coupons Screen

ID Field

Start Date Field

End Date Field

Percent Off Field

or Dollars Off Field

Minimum Order Field

Maximum Discount Field

Notes Field

Add Button

Edit Button   

Delete Button   

Close Button   

Additional Information about Processing Coupons


Created: 1/19/11

Modified: 9/30/11

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