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Batch Drop Ship (Batch Process Approved Orders containing Drop Ship Items)

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The Batch Drop Ship function found on the Shipping & Fulfillment tab of the Maintenance Menu is used to create and send drop ship purchase orders to vendors for all drop ship items that are contained in every approved, non-cancelled order, regardless of whether payment has been received. Use this function with caution, as it cannot be reversed.

This function does not provide any user interface to review the orders prior to them being sent; the drop ship purchase orders are simply created in the background and are sent in accordance with the drop ship purchase order settings found in the Supplier record for each vendor.

To review drop ship orders before sending purchase orders to vendors, use the Drop Shipping tab of the Orders screen (order by order basis) or use the Multi-Order Processor to review and process the orders containing drop ship items in a batch mode.


Created: 4/1/11

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