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If you use Protx to process credit card transactions, the Order Manager can interface directly with your Protx account. Payments for orders that are pre-authorized on your Website can be captured automatically when you approve those orders in the Order Manager. The Credit Card Terminal tab at the View Orders screen allows you to process new charges, credits, etc. without re-typing the customer’s credit card information.


The Order Manager is designed to work with Protx's VSP Direct system (not VSP Form). There are only a few steps to setting up the Order Manager to work with Protx. See the directions below.


For the Order Manager to properly recognize/identify the UK card types (Switch/Solo, etc.), you must establish the UK Card Names and the BIN (Bank ID Number) ranges used by the cards that you intend to accept. Enter this information at the Payment Methods screen. A list of the current BIN Ranges assigned to UK cards are available at

Configure the Order Manager to Work with Protx

Click Save after setting each system parameter. Refer to Set System Parameters and Special System Parameters for more information.


  1. Go to the Maintenance Menu>Maintenance tab>Set System Parameters. The Set System Parameters dialog box opens.

  2. Click on the Credit Card parameter group.

  3. Set CreditCardProcessor to Protx.

  4. Click on ProtxVendorName. Enter your Vendor ID number in the Parameter Details text box.

  5. **Important**: Set ProtxTestMode to TRUE while you are setting up and testing the system. Set it to FALSE when you are ready to begin processing real transactions.

  6. Set WebTransactionType to Pre-Authorize or Sale, depending on how you wish to process credit card transactions in your shopping cart.


Created: 1/20/12

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