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Users may have more than one business or web store that they want to manage with the Order Manager, and therefore may have multiple store files.

The Switch Stores icon on the Main Menu is the mechanism provided by the application which allows a user to switch from one store file to another very quickly, without exiting the program. When this icon is clicked, the user is presented with a list of previously opened store files from to choose. Deleting a link to one of the store files in the list does not delete the file, only the link to it.

When the Switch Stores icon is clicked, the Select Store/Select Store to Open screen appears. Follow the instructions in this topic to learn how to switch between different store files.  

The Switch Stores process does not involve the creation of a new store file. To create a new store or data file, go to the Main Menu>Maintenance Menu> and select Create New Store. Refer to the Knowledge Base topic of the same name for more information.

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Description of the Select Store to Open Screen

Figure 1: Select Store to Open screen

Fields and Controls on the Select a Store to Open Screen

Delete Link Button


Previously Opened Stores
System DSNs Button
File DSNs Button

Open Button

Browse Button

Cancel Button

List of Stores

Store Name Column
File Location Column

Switching Stores

  1. Go to the Main Menu and click the Switch Stores icon. This button is only visible if the system parameter AllowSwitchStores is set to TRUE.

Figure 2: Switch Stores icon

  1. The Select Store to Open screen opens. Refer to Figure 1.

  1. Double-click the appropriate store or select it from the list and click [Open].

  2. If the store you want to open is not listed:

SQL Store File

    1. click the [System DSNs] button and select the appropriate DSN for the desired store file

    2. skip to step 5

MS Access Store File

    1. click the [Browse] button to navigate to its location.

    2. the Select data .mdb for your web store screen opens

    3. navigate to the location of the store file of your choice

    4. double-click the appropriate .mdb file or select it and click the [Open] button

Figure 3: Select data .mdb for your store screen

  1. If the Order Manager's security system is active, the user will be prompted to enter their user name and password for the new store file.

  2. The Order Manager displays a confirmation message when the new store is open.

  3. Click [OK] to finish the process.


Created: 1/26/11

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