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The Create New Store function on the Setup Functions tab of the Maintenance Menu can be used to create a new store data file in the event that the existing store file corrupted and a viable backup copy is not available. Another reason to create a new store file is the situation where the user has several e-commerce sites that are separate legal entities. Each site can have its own Order Manager store file and their inventory and orders can be managed separately. If the web stores are not separate legal entities and they share merchandise, it is not necessary to create a separate store file for each one. Depending on the idiosyncracies of the shopping cart systems that are being used, it may be simpler to define multiple shopping cart systems in the same store data file. In this scenario, the Order Manager provides cart-based parameters that can be used to brand the paperwork for orders from the different web stores.

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Creating a New Store File

  1. Go to the Main Menu >Maintenance Menu > Setup Functions tab > and select [Create a New Store].

  2. The Enter name and location for new store’s data file screen opens. The store data file is the Microsoft Access database that will contain all of the information that is specific to your web store, such as the customer, product and order information, as well as the program settings that have been selected for your store.

  1. Specify the location, e.g. c:\StoneEdge or \\[Fileserver]\Cdrive\StoneEdge, if the program will be used on multiple workstations on a LAN.

  2. Enter the name that should be given to the store file, e.g. Ajax Orders.mdb.

  3. Click [OK].


  1. The Enter company name screen appears.

  2. Enter the name of the company as it should appear on the program's user interfaces and reports. This value can be changed later via the Store Setup Wizard (Main Menu>Maintenance Menu> Setup Functions> Store Setup Wizard).

  3. Click [OK].

  4. A message box appears, stating that the store has been opened. Click [OK].

  5. The Store Setup Wizard opens.

  6. Fill in the information on each of the sections of the Setup Wizard to configure your new store.

  7. Click [Save and Exit] at any time to exit the Store Setup Wizard and retain the settings that have been entered so far. The new store file has been created!  It is always possible to go back to the wizard and continue adding information at a later date.

  8. If [Cancel] is clicked rather than [Save and Exit] , the program will exit the Setup Wizard without saving any settings.



Created: 1/26/11

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