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This Knowledge Base topic discusses the Order Processing section of the Store Setup Wizard, which has three pages of settings that control the behavior of the program in relation to imported and manually entered orders. Many of those settings are controlled by system parameters that are mentioned later in this topic.

In some cases, additional explanatory text can be found in the Parameter Text section of the Set System Parameters screen. For instructions about setting system parameters, review the Knowledge Base page in the previous hyperlink.

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In addition to the information in the Setup Wizard Knowledge Base pages, the actual program screens of the Setup Wizard also have explanatory text associated with them; hover the cursor over the fields on the screen to see it.


Description of Page 1 of the Order Processing Section

Figure 1: Store Setup Wizard - Order Processing section, Page 1

Settings on Order Processing Section Page1

Corresponding System Parameter
Automatically approve these Web orders:  
 None ReviewAllOrders
 Orders that are Paid in Full ReviewAllOrders
Including those that have...  
Backordered Items ReviewPartialOrders
Customer Comments ApproveOrderswithComments
Instructions ApproveOrderswithInstructions
Items that will be drop-shipped ApproveOrderswithDropShips
Automatically Approve:  
Manually approved orders ApproveManualOrders
Orders created by the program to fill backorders ApproveBackorderOrders
Orders created by the program to fill exchanges ApproveExchangeOrders
Allow Approval of:    
Orders with a Balance Due AllowApproveWithBalanceDue
Orders with unresolved Reasons for Review AllowApprovewithOpenIssues

Chart 1

Description of Page 2 of the Order Processing Section

Figure 2: Store Setup Wizard - Order Processing section, Page 2

Order States Button

Approval Rules Button

Description of Page 3 of the Order Processing Section

Figure 3: Store Setup Wizard - Order Processing Section, Page 3

Settings on Order Processing Section Page 3

Corresponding System Parameter
What fields should the program use to identify incoming duplicate customer records?  
Search Field #1 CustomerSearchField1
Search Field #2 CustomerSearchField2
Search Field #3 CustomerSearchField3
Search Field #4 CustomerSearchField4
If there are no exact matches, but similar records, do you want the program to stop and ask the user if this is the correct customer? (Last Name and Zipcode) UseCustomerMatching
Also check the Bill To: Company Name CustomerMatchCheckCompanyName
When importing orders or customer records, if a matching email address is found, display possible matching customers and allow the user to select one? CustomerMatchConfirmEmails

Chart 2

Navigational Arrows

Wizard Section and Page Numbers

Help Button

Cancel Button

Save and Exit Button


Created: 4/12/11

Modified: 5/17/11

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