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The Drop Shipping section of the Store Setup Wizard is where users set their preferences for customer orders that are fulfilled directly by a vendor, or supplier, rather than from their own inventory.  

This section contains only one page of settings. Choose the method of sending purchase orders to suppliers, as well as the layout of the document by selecting a template for email, fax, or regular mail.

The values that are entered here are the system wide defaults that will be used by the program, unless overridden by the corresponding values that are specified on a particular supplier's record (Drop-Shipping section on the Purchase Order Options tab of the Suppliers screen).

For a complete list of system parameters associated with drop-shipping, see the Knowledge Base topic, Drop Ship Parameter Group.

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Description of Page 1 of Drop Shipping Section

Figure 1: Store Setup Wizard - Drop Shipping, Page 1

Drop ship contact information Section

Name of person vendors should contact if there is a problem with an order Field

Telephone number vendors should call if there is a problem with an order Field

Email address to which drop-ship vendors should send confirmations Field

Default Templates for Drop Ship Purchase Orders Section

Email templates are simple text files that contain the plain, generic text of an email message, as well as program field tags, which are used to insert specific information into an email message sent to a specific supplier. The program expects to find the email templates in the Email Template folder that resides in the same location as the Order Manager store data file.

The Auto Fax, Fax and Mail templates are Microsoft Access report objects that reside within the program file.    

Emails Drop-down List

Manual Faxing Drop-down List

Auto Faxing Drop-down List

Mailing Drop-down List

Add/Edit Email Templates Button

Description of Page 2 of Drop Shipping Section

Figure 2: Store Setup Wizard - Drop Shipping, Page 2

Set the date shipped for drop shipped items

Mark drop shipped items as shipped

Navigational Arrows

Wizard Section and Page Numbers

Help Button

Cancel Button

Save and Exit Button



Created: 5/10/11

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