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Pricing Tab of the Inventory Screen

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The Pricing tab of the Inventory screen is used to define the regular, sale and discounted prices for products at multiple Price Levels. Users may define up to ten different Price Levels. For more information, refer to Knowledge Base topic, Price Levels.

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Description of the Pricing Tab of the Inventory Screen

Figure 1: Inventory screen - Pricing tab

Suggested Retail Price Field

Suppliers for this SKU Drop-down List

Primary Supplier Check Box

Unit Cost Field

Pricing Grid (not labeled as such in the program)

Pricing Column

Reg. Price Column

Margin Column

On Sale Column

Sale Price Column

Quantity Discounts Section

Starting Quantity Field

Ending Quantity Field

Reg. Price Field

Margin Field

On Sale Field

Sale Price Field

Price Level Drop-down List

Discount Grid (not labeled as such in the program)

Price Level Column

Start Qty Column
End Qty Column
Price Column
On Sale Column
Sale Price Column

Add Discount Button

Delete Discount Button

Margin for Selected Discount and Supplier Field



Created: 6/21/11

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