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Gift Certificates

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The Order Manager is able to sell and redeem gift certificates, but it does not track the certificate balances.

Many of the shopping carts that integrate with the Order Manager also support gift certificates and can report one or more payments on an order (Certificate Redemptions).

If a customer buys $100.00 worth of merchandise and applies a $30.00 Certificate against the order, they can also pay the remainder using a credit card. In this instance the Order Manager will show 2 transactions on the order.

Creating a Gift Certificate in the Order Manager

  1. Open the Inventory screen and click on the [Add] button.

  2. Give it a meaningful SKU and name in the LocalSKU  and Item Name fields.

  3. Check the Ignore QOH box.

  4. Enter the denomination of the certificate in the Reg. Price field.

  5. Use the Default Supplier record as the supplier for this SKU or create a dummy supplier record for this purpose.

  6. Enter a value in the Unit Cost field.

  7. Click the [Save] button.

  8. Repeat for each denomination of gift certificate that will be sold.

Redeeming a Gift Certificate in the Order Manager

  1. Create a payment method called "GiftCert", or something similar.  

  2. When processing the payment of an order, select that method from the list on the left-hand side of the Payment Terminal Screen.

  3. Click the [Log Payment] button and select the payment method of "GiftCert" to create a payment record to offset the sale.

  4. If the total value of the certificate is not sufficient to cover the total cost of the order, another payment method can be selected to meet the balance due.


Created: 10/3/11

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