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Export Products to Monsoon Screen

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The Export Products to Monsoon screen is opened via the Monsoon Product Export entry in the Cart Functions tab of the Maintenance Menu, if it has been enabled by the Monsoon implementation staff. The purpose of this screen is to allow Order Manager product information to be uploaded to the Monsoon shopping cart.

A Field List specifies the Order Manager fields to be exported into the text file. The program provides a default Field List for the user's convenience or they may configure and save a Field List of their own. Custom and Advanced Custom inventory field values can be exported by selecting them from the drop-down lists.

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Description of the Export Products to Monsoon Screen

Export Products Tab

Figure 1: Export Products to Monsoon screen - Export Products tab, default view

Export to Cart Drop-down List

Export Location Field

Browse Button

Export Which Products? Section

All (except those marked Do Not Send to Monsoon) Radio Button
Edited Since Last Export Radio Button
Edited Today Radio Button
Edited Since: Field

Apply Filter Section (not labeled)

Begin Export Button

Close Button

Configure Export File Tab

Figure 2: Export Products to Monsoon screen - Configure Export File tab, default view

Figure 3: Export Products to Monsoon screen - Configure Export File tab, Default List loaded

Load Stored List Button

Load Default List Button

Clear All Button

Save Field List Button

Field Drop-down List Section

Exporting Products to Monsoon

If you are performing Real-Time Inventory synchronization, do not select the QOH field when exporting product information to Monsoon without temporarily disabling that feature. Refer to Inventory Synchronization for more information.


  1. Review the Monsoon system parameters, and set them according to your needs before beginning this process.

  2. Click the Configure Export File tab.

  3. Choose the fields that will be exported to Monsoon by one of the following methods:

    1. make selections from the drop-down lists for the desired fields and click the [Save Field List] button to retain those choices for future use

    2. click the [Load Stored List]  button to use previously saved field selections

    3. click the [Load Default List]  button to use the default field list provided with the program

  1. Click the Export Products tab and select which product records will be sent to Monsoon by clicking one of the radio buttons in the Export Which Products? section of the screen. If the Edited Since button is selected, enter a date value in the adjacent field.

  2. Optional: enter a different path and file name in the Export File field, if desired. Otherwise the data will be written to the default text file that is pre-populated in the Export File field when the screen is opened. The [Browse] button can also be used to navigate to another existing text file.

  3. Click the [Begin Export] button to execute the transfer of data from the Order Manager to the text file.

  4. Click [Close] to exit the Export Products to Monsoon screen.

  5. The text file will be used as input to the Monsoon product import process, which is configured by Monsoon staff members.

 Created: 6/8/11

Modified: 10/2/12

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