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Add a Shipping Method

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This topic provides instructions for adding a shipping method to the Order Manager.

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How to Add a Shipping Method

  1. Go to the Maintenance Menu > Shipping & Fulfillment tab > [Shipping] , or go to the third page of the Store Setup Wizard.  

  2. Click on the UPS, FedEx, USPS, or Other button, depending on the carrier or carriers that you use.

  3. The program will pre-populate the screen with a list of the carrier's valid shipping methods, identified by the Carrier's Name field.

  4. Scroll to a shipping method that you want to use and check the Use This Method box to enable the entry. If you will be using all of the carrier's methods, click the [Select All] button. To stop using all of a carrier's shipping methods, click the [Clear All] button.

  5. Enter the shipping method name that is used by the shopping cart or carts in the Your Name field. If you have multiple shopping carts and they use different names for the same carrier shipping method name, click the Plus button next to the Carrier's shipping method to create another entry with a different Your Name value.

  6. If the program should use the Carrier's Real-Time Rates information, check the box of the same name. To enable Real-Time Rates for all of the carrier's shipping method, click the [Set All] button. To stop using Real-Time Rates for all of the carrier's shipping methods, click the [Clear All] button.  

  7. If an email is sent to the customer when an order is approved, select the email template to be used from the Approval Email Template drop-down list.

  8. Optionally, an email can be sent when the Ship Date has been set for an order. If you have the program configured to do so, select the appropriate email template from the Ship Date Set Email Template drop-down list.

  9. If the program has been configured to export an approved order's data to a text file, select it from the Export Template drop-down list. It is only necessary to make a selection in this field if the user has created Shipping Export Templates to export shipping information from orders using a particular shipping method. This process normally only used when the merchant uses an external shipping application that does not support ODBC connections.

  10. When using Shipping Export Templates, specify the full path and name of the text file that contains the exported shipping information.  If DAZzle will be used to ship the order, enter "DAZzle" in this field (minus the quotes) for any USPS shipping method.

  11. Use the vertical scroll bar to locate any shipping methods that are not visible when this screen is initially opened. Repeat steps 2-10 to enter information for each carrier and method that you want to use.

  12. Click the [Save and Exit] button.


Created: 10/13/11

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