Credit Card Processing by LinkPoint

LinkPoint is now First Data Global Gateway. When Order Manager Version 5.929 is installed, the user must convert the LinkPoint PEM file to a PKCS12 file in order to process payment transactions through this provider. Refer to the directions in the Knowledge Base topic, First Data Global Gateway .

The control (lpicom_6_0.dll) that the Order Manager uses to communicate with LinkPoint credit card services is not compatible with Windows Vista,Windows 7, or MS Access 2010.

Upgrade to V5.929 when it becomes available.

Non-Point of Sale Setup Process:

  1. Download and install Linkpoint Credit Cart gateway support file, which can be obtained from to a shared location or the c:\stoneedge installation folder on the workstation.

  2. Run the installer, which registers the file lpicom_6_0.dll as part of the process. If being used on multiple workstations, make sure that this .dll is registered properly on each one. Refer to the Knowledge Base article, Manually Registering ActiveX and DLLs for more details.

  3. Also be sure that the .pem file (obtained from Linkpoint) is accessible to all workstations that will be using it.

  4. Configure the System Parameters pertaining to LinkPoint (shown below).

  5. Set System Parameter "CreditCardProcessor” to "LinkPoint

  6. Check the settings of the main and/or cart-based system parameter, WebTransactionType to make sure it agrees with your workflow. The choices are Pre-Authorize or Sale. If payments will be captured via the Order Manager, it should be set to Pre-Authorize. If payment is captured at the web store, it should be set to Sale.


System Parameter Name



Set this parameter to the path and file name of the certification file (.pem file) received from LinkPoint


Set this parameter to the Server's Port Number assigned to your account


Set this parameter to the Link Point Server assigned to your account; do not include https://, just the domain URL


Set this parameter to your LinkPoint Store ID


Set this parameter to True to run "Live" transactions though the Link Point Gateway


Point of Sale Setup


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