Printing Integrated ShipRush for FedEx or ShipRush for UPS Shipping Labels

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Best Practices


  1. Complete the steps in the Knowledge Base topic, Setting Up ShipRush, for each of the shipping carriers used.

  2. Also be sure to define shipping methods through the Store Setup Wizard and assign a shipping method to each order.

  3. For batch label printing, ensure accurate weights are entered on product inventory records as the program passes those values to the shipping software to calculate shipping rates for the package.

Printing Shipping Labels One at a Time

Shipping labels can be printed at several locations in the Stone Edge Order Manager.

Figure 1: Print Paperwork screen (Print button)

Figure 2: Print Options screen (Approve button)

Figure 3: ShipRush User Interface

Figure 4: ShipRush Estimated Shipping Rates and Delivery Dates

Figure 5: Pack & Ship

Figure 6: QuickShip

Batch Printing Shipping Labels

Shipping labels can be added to the batch print queue at four locations in the Stone Edge Order Manager:

Figure 7: Multi-Order Processor

Voiding an Integrated ShipRush for FedEx or UPS Shipping Label

  1. Go to the Pack & Ship screen.

  2. Click on the ShipRush Options tab, as shown in Figure 5.

  3. Click on the [Recent Shipment] button for the appropriate carrier.

  4. From the list, select the label to be voided.

  5. Click the [Void] button at the top of the ShipRush user interface, as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8: ShipRush Shipments for Today user interface

Additional Information

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