Dimensional Weights

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What are dimensional weights?

Why do I need to be concerned about DIM weights?

What can I do to minimize increased shipping costs due to dimensional weights?

There are several things you can do to minimize increases.

  1. Review your current shipping practices, focusing especially on medium to large, lightweight items, as they are most likely to be affected.
    1. Determine if dimensional weights apply.
    2. Calculate the potential impact, including surcharges.
    3. See the links to the carrier's websites at the bottom of this topic for more information.
  2. Pack orders as efficiently as possible by using the smallest box that accommodates all items.
    1. Review your shipment data to identify the most common shipment sizes.
    2. Stock a wider variety of box sizes so orders can be packed more efficiently without risking damage to the items.
  3. Shop different carriers based on shipment sizes.
    1. Smaller lightweight packages are generally going to be cheaper through USPS rather than UPS or FedEx at this time, unless you get significant discounts from those carriers. Refer to the USPS flat-rate packages sizes for a general idea of the package sizes that would benefit.

How does Stone Edge help?  

Stone Edge is able to automatically suggest the best fit box for all items in an order provided:

  1. Product dimensions are specified in your Stone Edge inventory records.
  2. Your shipping cartons are defined in the Stone Edge inventory as "boxes" so the program can suggest a single, best-fit, box to accommodate all of the items in the order.
    1. If you assign a Default box to a product, be sure its dimensions are greater than those of the product as the Default box size dimensions are sent to the carrier shipping software when rate shopping or printing shipping labels internally.
    2. Be aware that if no box is assigned and no dimensions are specified (through its inventory record or entered manually), the program sends the dimensions of the smallest box defined in the system when rate shopping and printing shipping labels internally.  
    3. Stone Edge only selects boxes that have a QOH greater than zero or those are marked as IgnoreQOH.
  3. Refrain from using the Pack Separately option, unless it is absolutely necessary. This forces a multi-item order into multiple boxes, increasing costs.


What if I print shipping labels externally?

UPS WorldShip

Stone Edge does not send package dimensions to UPS WorldShip or other external shipping software solutions, however, you can set up box sizes in your WorldShip just as you can in Stone Edge using the Package Type Editor.

  1. Open WorldShip.

  2. Select the Tools>More Tools>Create Custom Package Type.

  1. Type in a Package Type Name.
  2. Type in the correct dimensions in the Length, Width and Height fields.
  3. Select Add.
  4. Repeat this process for as many boxes you commonly use.
  5. Select Close to exit the Package Type Editor.
  6. All of your package dimensions are saved for future shipments.


Additional Information

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