Automated Clearing House Check Processing via Authorize.Net (eCheck)

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This feature is introduced in version 4.3 (Beta).

Automated Clearing House Check Processing is available in the Manual Orders, View Orders and Multi-Order Processor screens.

The eCheck payment method is supported at the at the Point of Sale screen, but the data must be hand-keyed, as the program does not support check reading hardware at this time.

The eCheck payment method is also supported for imported Web orders, provided the shopping cart system provides the appropriate data points.


The system allows users to collect the following data and send it via Authorize.Net to the ACH check processing system:



To support this feature, a payment method called "eCheck" is provided. It cannot be removed (if this method already exists, the system marks it as a "system" payment method that prevents it from being removed).

The Manual Orders and the Credit Card Terminal interfaces reflect the data needs of the eCheck system. The system is very similar to credit card processing except that there is no "Pre-Authorization" or "Delayed Capture" with check processing. Note that the submission to Authorize.Net does not guarantee payment when the check is presented to the issuing bank. The user must verify this with Authorize.Net (typically in 3-5 business days). If the check was refused by the ACH system, the user must manually edit the Amount Received in the Order Manager transaction record to $0.00 (which deletes the transaction) to reflect the balance due by the customer.


IMPORTANT NOTE: At Multi-Order Processor, eChecks are only "processed" if you set the Credit Card Mode to "Sale".


IMPORTANT NOTE: Authorize.Net highly recommends that you do not ship the goods until you have confirmed that the check cleared ACH Processing.

Created: 1/30/12

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