Painless sales tax calculations for Stone Edge Order Manager

Get accurate sales tax calculations right from within Stone Edge.  A simple, seamless integration with TaxJar’s SmartCalc API allows you to calculate taxes automatically when entering phone and mail order orders, or when recalculating taxes on exiting orders.

Not all products are taxed equally and TaxJar provides product-level tax rules for a subset of product categories. These categories are to be used for products that are either exempt from sales tax in some jurisdictions or are taxed at reduced rates.  Stone Edge allows you to download a list of existing known product tax categories with special tax status and easily assign your products to those tax categories.

How it works:

  1. Set the “Sales Tax System” parameter to “TaxJar”
  2. Provide the “TaxJarAPIToken” that you get from your TaxJar account.
  3. Assign Product Tax Categories to any products as needed.
  4. Start using it!