Importing Orders Automatically

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Note: This topic applies to V7.025 7.5 and higher. If you are running 7.024, refer to AutoOrderImport

If no value is set at the time of import, the program sets the AutoOrderImportFailedOrderLocation parameter to the directory specified in the parameter <AutoOrderImportLog>\FailedOrders.

If parameter AutoOrderImportLog is also not set, the program sets AutoOrdermportFailedLocation to C:\StoneEdge\AutoImport\FailedOrders. Parameter AutoOrderImportLog is unchanged.


Best Practices

How to invoke the Auto Order Import feature manually

  1. Enter a value in system parameter AutomationEmail.
  2. If SEOM security is turned on, create a new Admin UserID or assign an existing Admin UserID to the Automation security group.
  3. Review the default settings of the remaining automation parameters and adjust them if necessary.
  4. Go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt.
  5. Enter the following:

[Path to the Order Manager program file] /nostartup /X AutoImport


for example:

"C:\StoneEdge\SEOrdMan.mdb" /nostartup /X AutoImport

(there is a space between "C:\StoneEdge\SEOrdMan.mdb" and /nostartup)


  1. For repeated execution of the unattended order import feature, create a Windows System Task to execute this command periodically. Refer to the Knowledge Base topic of the same name for guidance.  

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