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Web Fields Tab of the Inventory Screen

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Historically, the Web Fields tab originally contained image data fields that were imported from a Yahoo! Shopping cart, however, the information in the Thumbnail, Image, Header, Footer, Path, Headline, Availability and Contents fields can be used to store image data for images for other shopping cart systems as well. Some of the fields on this tab are used for the product upload to Shop.com, for example.

To make a change to information in an inventory record, you must first click the [Edit] button in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.

For more information about using the image fields on the Web Fields tab as well as the Image tab, see the Knowledge Base article entitled, Displaying Images.

Description of the Web Fields Tab of the Inventory Screen

Figure 1: Inventory screen, Web Fields tab

Thumbnail Field

View in Browser Button

Image Field

View in Browser Button

Header (Caption) Field

Footer Field

Path Field

Headline Field

Availability Field

Contents Field

Ignore QOH on Websites

Don't sell thru Shop.com

Don't synch with Amazon

Don't synch with Yahoo

Fields for Monsoon Shopping Carts

These fields were added in V5.922 to support integration with the Monsoon Shopping Cart systems.


Created: 6/6/11

Modified: 7/13/11

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