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View or Void FedEx Shipments

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The View or Void FedEx Shipments function, found on the Shipping & Fulfillment tab of the Maintenance Menu, opens the FedExShipments: Form, where the user can void a shipping label, print a ground manifest, package pickup receipt, or reprint any shipping documents that contain a tracking number.

How far back the program will allow the user to reprint documents is based on the value specified in system parameter ShippingDocumentRetentionDays. The default setting of this parameter is 30 days, but it can be set anywhere between 1 to 60 days.

The default view of this screen is to show shipments processed on the current date, however, it is possible to alter the data that is displayed here by using the fields at the top of the screen (Starting Date, Order Number or Tracking Number).  

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Description of the FedExShipments: Form

Figure 1: FedExShipments: Form

Fields and Controls on the FedExShipments Screen

Create Shipment Button

Void Selected Shipments Button

Reprint Selected Shipments Button

Print Ground Manifest Button

Package Pick-Up Receipt Button

Close Button

Starting Date Field

Order Number Field

Tracking Number Field

Data Sheet Section

This section of the screen displays a list of orders that have been shipped, based on any filtering information that has been entered in the Starting Date, Order Number or Tracking Number fields. If no different or additional criteria has been entered into those fields, this screen will show orders that have been shipped on the current date. It may be necessary to remove data in the fields are not being used as filters to obtain the desired results list.

The data that can be displayed at this screen is also limited by the setting of system parameter, ShippingDocumentRetentionDays.

Within this section there are the following fields:    

Select Column
Order # Column
Pickup Date Column
Tracking # Column
Name Column
Address Column
City Column
State Column
Zip Column
Cost Column
Company Column

Using the FedExShipments Screen

Change the View

  1. Choose one or more of the following filters:

    1. Enter a different date in the Starting Date field to see orders that were shipped on or after that date.

    2. Enter the order number assigned by the Order Manager in the Order Number field.

    3. Enter a specific tracking number in the field of the same name to see only the order associated with that tracking number.

  2. Press the [Enter] key and the screen will be updated to show the orders that match the criteria that was specified.

Create a Shipment

Void a Shipment

  1. Click the check box in the Select column for each order that is to be voided.

  2. Click the [Void Selected Shipments] button to void the shipping labels and tracking numbers associated with those orders.

Re-printing Shipping Documents

  1. Click the check box in the Select column for each order whose paperwork is to be re-printed.

  2. Click the [Reprint Selected Shipments] button to print another copy of the shipping documents for the order, including any paperwork needed for international shipments.

Print a Ground Manifest

  1. Run this process prior to the FedEx driver's arrival to pickup the packages.

  2. Click this button to close the batch of shipments that were processed during the day; it will print a manifest directly from FedEx; it is not necessary to give the manifest to the driver.

Print a Pickup Receipt



Created: 4/5/11

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