UPS Parameter Group

The Order Manager uses hundreds of System Parameters to tailor the program to a merchant's way of doing business.

Each system parameter is associated with a particular parameter group, based on its function. One way of viewing system parameters is to select a specific Parameter Group at the Set System Parameters screen. It is also possible to search for a parameter by entering a portion of its name.

While some parameters could logically belong to more than one parameter group, the program only assigns a parameter to a single group. Be sure to look for other related group names when researching the available parameters for a particular function.

To change a system parameter, go to the Maintenance Menu and double-click [Set System Parameters] from the list of links, or select [System Parameters] from the Quick Clicks on the Main Menu. For instructions, review the Knowledge Base topic Set System Parameters.

This topic describes the visible parameters that are part of the UPS parameter group. Other parameters are set by the UPS Online® Tools Setup Wizard which are not generally visible, by design.


Parameter Name



Set this parameter to True to set the commodity value field to the price per unit or to false to set the commodity value to the cost per unit (default=false).


If there is no Ship To Phone Number, use the Bill To Phone Number for it.


If using a thermal printer and it is connected to one of this PCs LPT ports, enter the printer port name. If using a USB Connection on this PC or using a shared printer, enter the UNC Path to the printer (i.e. \\ServerName\PrinterName\).


If True, you will not be able to edit the Shipper name, address, etc. when printing UPS labels.


Enter a dollar or percentage amount (depending on UPSMarkupType) to add to UPS shipping rates looked up by the program.


Minimum shipping amount (in dollars) for use with UPSMarkupType and UPSMarkup for UPS shipping rates looked up by the program. After the rate and markup are calculated, the value entered here will be used if it is more than the calculated value. Also see UPSMarkup.


Type of markup (dollar or percentage) to add to UPS shipping rates looked up by the program. Also see UPSMarkup. None, Percent or FlatAmount


If Shipment Value is below this threshold, value is set to 0 so insurance is not applied to shipment. Parameter ignored if UPSDefaultUseInsurance is false.


Select the data source for the value to place in the Reference 2 field on the shipping label.


Set to true to have the system add a note to an order when shipments are processed.


For the UPS rate button on the Manual Orders form. If TRUE, the program will display rates for all UPS methods available for the destination Zipcode. If FALSE, it will only display rates for UPS methods you have set up in the Order Manager.


When printing Thermal Labels, UPS also sends the label image in html format for display in a browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). If you do not want the label image to open a browser, set this parameter to False (default=True).


If True, the program will skip the printer menu when printing UPS labels, even if UsePrinterMenu is set to True.


If True, UPS shipping labels printed via the Order Manager will be live shipping labels that are voided immediately after printing. Set to False for normal operations.


Set to true to have the internal UPS shipping system use the billing party email address instead of the shipping party email address.



Created: 2/1/12




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