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The Select a Printer screen is called from most locations in the program where the user can print a report and it may have a different title depending upon the calling function.

This menu allows the user to select another printer other than the workstation's default printer. This menu is controlled by the global system parameter, UsePrinterMenu, which affects the behavior of the program on all workstations. If this parameter is set to FALSE, the program will not offer the user the option of selecting a different printer on any workstation in the complex.

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Description of the Select a Printer Screen

Figure 1: Select a Printer as called by the Notes screen

Fields and Controls on the Select a Printer Screen

Name of Report

Name of Template

Default Printer

Print on: Check Boxes

Choose one of the following options:

use the workstation's default printer, as designated by Windows (Control Panel>Printers and Faxes)

if checked, it allows the user to select a printer from a list of available printers  

  1. Select a Printer List

click on a printer in the list and then choose a paper tray

    1. Select a Paper Source List

click on the tray that contains the appropriate paper upon which the report should be printed

Don't display this menu any more

Print Button

Cancel Button

Using the Select a Printer Screen

  1. Click the [Print] button to send the note or other report to the default printer; or check the box labeled Selected Printer and choose another printer:

    1. choose a printer from the Select a Printer list

    2. select a tray from the Select a Paper Source list.

    3. click [Print].

  2. Click [Cancel] to abandon printing the note.


Created: 1/24/11

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