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Sales by Date Shipped

If a user attempts to generate sales reports based on the date shipped, some ship dates may be null, depending on how the actual ship date is set, thereby causing the sales figures to be inaccurate.


Setting the actual ship date is optional. The system can set the actual ship date:


  1. At the time the order is added or imported.

  2. At time of order approval (calendar on the Approval Options screen and checkbox to Store Date Shipped).

  3. Manually on the Ship Dates & Status tab in the View Orders screen.

  4. Automatically in the Multi-Order Processor.

  5. At the time you process tracking numbers.


The point at which the user tells the program to set the actual ship date depends on their business processes.


The recommendation of Stone Edge Technologies is to use the Accounting Summary from History report to get sales figures. Running other reports based on the date shipped are okay for general review but are not deemed accurate for accounting because the ship dates are optional and can be changed or nullified by the user, rendering past reports void.


Sales "history" is generated at the time you approve an order. History data cannot be changed by the user (through the user interface) once it is recorded. Any changes made to the order after it is approved will record history "adjustments" within the period in which they occurred. This provides a more accurate record of what takes place in the program.




Created: 1/19/12

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