Reverting to a Previous Version of the Order Manager

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If the user has installed Version 6 of the Order Manager and it becomes necessary to revert to the 5.9 version of the Order Manager software, follow the instructions in this topic. Contact Stone Edge Technical Support if you require assistance.


  1. If any custom reports/modules/forms have been created or altered from the time when the program was upgraded until the decision is made to rollback to the previous version, be sure to store them in the Custom Reports database.

  2. Have everyone log out of the program. One administrative user should log back into the system and create a backup of the store data file from the Quick Clicks or Maintenance Menus. It would also be wise to backup the Email Templates folder and Custom Reports database, as well.

  3. Uninstall the current release of the Order Manager by using the appropriate Windows mechanism found in the Control Panel (Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features) or by going to Start>Programs>Stone Edge Technologies, Inc.>Uninstall Stone Edge Order Manager.

Figure 1: Windows XP Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs

Figure 2: Uninstall the application from the Start>Programs menu (XP)

Install the Latest Release of Version 5

  1. Download the latest 5.9 version of the Order Manager from the download gateway.

  2. Right-click the installer and select [Run as Administrator]. (this does not apply to the Windows XP operating system)

  3. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the installation the program.

  4. Launch the program.

  5. When asked if you want to open the last store file that was previously accessed, respond [Yes].

This assumes that the most recently-opened copy of the store data file will be used. If that is not the case, respond [No] and navigate to the location of the appropriate copy of the store file.

  1. If the Security System was turned on, the User IDs and Passwords that were created with Version 6 will no longer be valid. Instead, login with the credentials that were used with the previous version of the program.  

  2. Re-import the any custom reports/modules/forms into the program file.

  3. Repeat steps 1-7 on each workstation that uses the Order Manager.


Created: 10/31/11

Modified: 11/4/11

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