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POS Setup - Misc. Tab

Go to the Main Menu>Maintenance Menu>Setup Functions tab>Point of Sale Setup button. The Point of Sale Setup dialog box opens. To make changes, click the Edit button. When you are in edit mode, click the Save button to save your changes or click the Cancel button to exit edit mode without saving your changes.


The Misc. tab contains various POS system settings. The same settings are in the POS system parameters group and can be accessed from the Set System Parameters dialog box.



Order of Item Discounts:


If a customer gets the "Cost +" discount, this is the only discount applied.


Otherwise, any discounts are applied in the following order:


The base price is taken from the inventory price level or the sale price level. The "sale" price is not considered to be a discount.


First discount - The program applies a quantity discount based on the SKU and the price level.


Second discount - The program applies a percent discount to the price of an item if the customer is set up to receive one.


Third discount - The program applies either a percent or dollar amount discount if it was added to the transaction.






































Updated: 5/3/12

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