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The Order Manager includes hundreds of System Parameters that can be used to tailor the program to a merchant's way of doing business. To change a system parameter, go to the Maintenance Menu and double-click "Set System Parameters" from the list of links, or select System Parameters from the Quick Clicks on the Main Menu. For instructions, review the Knowledge Base page, Set System Parameters.

For ease of use, the system parameters are divided into "Parameter Groups" with related functions. This article describes the parameters that are part of the Order parameter group.


Parameter Name



If TRUE, when you approve an order the program will warn you if the order has un-ordered drop-ship items, but will allow you to proceed. If FALSE, you cannot approve an order with un-ordered drop-ships.


If TRUE, orders created by the program for filling backorders will be automatically approved


If TRUE, imported orders with Comments can be automatically approved (if all other rules are met).


Set to True to have Order Manager approve orders containing drop-ships (assuming all other rules met)


If TRUE, imported orders with Order Instructions can be automatically approved (if all other rules are met).


This parameter will only be used if the Order Manager's internal PayPal Gateway is not set up!

If this parameter is True and the PayPalOrdersArePaidInFull parameter is true then the program will allow PayPal orders to be auto approved. Default=False

Applies to Americart and Imports using the XML Interface only!


Backups of data file are created here


If TRUE, all orders are assumed to have been paid in full, regardless of payment information received from your shopping cart.


When back-orders are filled after the initial order has been shipped, should the program charge for shipping the back-orders? TRUE=Yes, FALSE=No.


If TRUE, the program will check imported orders for bad company names, and delete any that are found. Use List Maintenance to build a list of names to check for (Self, Home, None, etc.). This is for shipping systems that determine Business vs. Residential based on the presence of text in the Company Name field.


If False, all orders are assumed to ship as "complete" and no inventory checking is done


If TRUE, the program will warn you if you try to approve an order that has a balance or credit due.


If TRUE, the program will warn you if you try to print (using the Print button at View Orders) an order that is not approved yet or has a balance or credit due.


If TRUE, any Comments in imported orders will be automatically copied into the Gift Message field.


If YES, the program will insert the current date whenever you edit the Notes field.


If True (-1), system will maintain backorder numbers for out-of-stock, not-discontinued items


When filling backorders, if the system creates a new order (original order was approved), set this parameter to True to carry discount percentage amounts from the original order to the newly created order.


When filling backorders at View Orders or Fill Backorders, set the Ship Date or leave it blank?


If ApproveBackOrderOrders is set to True, set this parameter to False to prevent orders from being approved if they have a Balance/Credit due (BalanceDue <> 0): Default = True


If TRUE, the program will deduct items from inventory and "fill" orders as they are imported from the Internet or entered at Manual Orders. If FALSE, all new orders (except POS orders) will be left un-filled, with all items shown as "needed". The Order Manager will then fill the orders when you click the Approve button for each order at the View Orders screen. Also uses the parameter ReviewPartialOrders: if ReviewPartialOrders is FALSE, no warning will be given if you try to approve and fill an order that can only be partially filled. If it is TRUE, the program will ask each time you approve an order that can only be partially filled whether to partial ship it or leave it for later.


If True, imported orders with a payment method of Google Checkout will be treated as paid in full.


If TRUE, the program will look for credit card info from the previous order by the same person when entering manual orders, and will have a button on the View Orders form for the same purpose.


If TRUE, after you manually approve an order, the program will automatically move to the next order. If FALSE, the program will stay at the current order.


If TRUE, after you manually set shipping dates for an order, if all Actual Shipping Dates have been set, the program will automatically move to the next order. If FALSE, the program will stay at the current order.


Default location where program will look for new order databases downloaded from your shopping cart.


This parameter will only be used if the Order Manager's internal PayPal Gateway is not set up!

If True, the Order Manager will write a transaction showing the order as paid in full. If False, the order will be left showing a balance due. Default=False


If TRUE, transactions created when Internet orders are imported will be left "open" by leaving their dates blank. The program will close the transactions and fill in the dates when orders are approved. If FALSE, the transaction dates will be filled in when orders are imported.


When you click the Reorder button at View Orders, default to using Original Prices or setting all prices to Zero.


If TRUE, you will have to un-approve an order before you can add, delete or revise a line item, etc. If FALSE, you can do those things without un-approving an order.


If TRUE, no Web orders will be approved automatically


If TRUE, orders from your shopping cart will not be approved automatically if they include Options (also known as Attributes) such as color, size, etc.


Require manual review for any order that cannot be shipped complete?


If True, prices in imported orders will be rounded to the nearest penny.


Determines what happens to imported orders if more than one of an item was ordered, and you have some of that item, but not the full quantity ordered. If FALSE, the quantity shipped will be set to zero so the inventory you have can be used for filling other orders, and the full quantity ordered will be backordered; if TRUE, the quantity shipped will be set to whatever is available, and the balance will be backordered.


If True, when orders are imported, the program will replace line item descriptions with ItemNames from the local Inventory data.


If using VerifyAddressesAtImport, and this option is True, the program will store 9-digit ZipCode, which can cause problems with some programs. If this option is False, only 5-digit ZipCode will be stored.


If TRUE, the Order Manager will verify domestic (United States) addresses as orders are imported. This requires an open connection to the Internet. Valid addresses will be converted to their official USPS format, including Zip+4 ZipCode. Invalid addresses will prevent orders from being automatically approved. Validation results will be added to the Notes field. Applies to both Bill To and Ship To addresses. Verification services are provided at no cost, courtesy of Endicia.com, publishers of DAZzle USPS shipping software.


If using VerifyAddressesAtImport, the option selected here will determine whether verified address are returned in ALL UPPER CASE or with Each First Letter Capitalized.


If VerifyAddressesAtImport, this option determines whether the original and revised addresses are stored in the Order Notes



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