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Misc. Tab of the Inventory Screen

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The Misc. tab of the Inventory screen stores a wide variety of product information, from designating cross sell items, defining an inventory product as a box, specifying the box requirements for packing an item, as well as adding message text to be displayed when the product is added to an order.     

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Description of the Misc. Tab of the Inventory Screen

Figure 1: Inventory screen - Misc. tab

Boxes Section

This is a regular Product Radio Button

This is a Box, not a product Radio Button

Default box for packing this product Drop-down List

No Box Required Check Box

Pack Separately Check Box

Requires Additional Handling Check Box

Box Dimensions

Length Field

Width Field

Height Field

Messages to be displayed at Manual Orders and POS Section

To define a group of Standard Messages, refer to the Knowledge Base topic, Standard Messages Screen.

Standard Message 1 Drop-down List

Standard Message 2 Drop-down List

Standard Message 3 Drop-down List

Unique Message for this product Field

Cross Sell Section

First Letter of Product Area

Show All Button
 # Button
Letter Buttons [A], [B], etc.

Available Products Area

Show: Radio Buttons
Add to Cross Sell Button
Cross Sell List Box
SKU Column
Display As Column
Delete Button


Created: 6/21/11

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