Manual Orders Parameter Group

The Order Manager includes hundreds of System Parameters that can be used to tailor the program to a merchant's way of doing business. To change a system parameter, go to the Maintenance Menu and double-click "Set System Parameters" from the list of links, or select System Parameters from the Quick Clicks on the Main Menu. For instructions, review the Knowledge Base page, Set System Parameters.

For ease of use, the system parameters are divided into "Parameter Groups" with related functions. This article describes the parameters that are part of the Manual Orders parameter group.


Parameter Name



If False, you will not be able to approve a Manual Orders unless it is paid in full.


If True, Approve Manual Orders will only be used as a default that you can change when saving each manual order. If False, you will not be able to change it.


Automatically approve manually entered orders that include any backordered or drop-shipped items? (Ignored unless ApproveManualOrders = TRUE.)


Automatically approve manually entered orders?


Only used if ApproveManualOrders is True. Determines whether manual orders with a balance due will be approved automatically. Also affected by AllowApproveWithBalanceDue and AllowOverrideApprovalDefault.


If True, when you add a product that has cross sell items to a manual order, the program will automatically display the cross sell items. If False, you will have to click the Cross Sell button after adding the item to the order to see its cross sell list.


If TRUE, Manual Orders will be included in the report the next time a Pick List is printed (i.e., the next time you import Web orders).


If True, when you cancel a Manual Order that has a credit card transaction (pre-authorization or capture), the order will be cancelled and kept. If False, it will be deleted.


If TRUE, the Manual Orders form will display parent SKUs and hide Sub SKUs. As each item is added to an order, it will build Sub SKUs as needed from parent SKUs and the selected options, and put the Sub SKUs on the order.


The selection of a Shopping Cart at the Manual Order form impacts Email, Invoicing, Packing Slips and Credit Card Gateway used by the Manual Orders Form. Use this feature with caution!

Set this to the default shopping cart to select whenever a new Web/Mail order is entered in Manual Orders form. Leave blank and set ManualOrdersRequireCart to True to force user to select a cart for each new order.


If you select a country here, the program will pre-enter that country for both the Ship To and Bill To addresses at Manual Orders.


Default shipping method for Manual Orders.


Default credit card transaction type for Manual Orders.


Which weight (Published or Actual) do you want to display on the Manual Orders screen?


If a charge is entered here, it will be used as a flat shipping rate for all orders entered at the Manual Orders form. If no charge is entered here, the regular shipping calculations will be made for Manual Orders.


f True, the Quantity Needed column on the Manual Orders screen will turn red where items are backordered.


If True, the Product column on the Manual Orders screen will turn blue where items are set to drop ship.


If True, when a search for a customer does not find anyone, the data you searched for (name, company, etc.) will be entered in the Bill To fields.


Do you want the SKU field at the Manual Orders screen to be a regular text field (better if you have a large number of inventory items) or a drop-down "combo box" (more convenient for smaller inventory lists)? NOTE: Only works if PickItemsBy is set to SKU.


If True, you cannot manually change the Subtotal field at Manual Orders. If False, you can change it manually, and the program will adjust the order to that subtotal.


Set to True to allow the Manual Orders form to remember the last cart selected by the user and carry it forward to the next new order - Use With Caution!


Set to True to require the selection of a Shopping Cart at the Manual Orders form provided the Web/Mail option is selected. This parameter is ignored if the Manual Orders form's order type is set to POS


If True, you can't save a Manual Order with a credit card payment method and no CVV2 code.


If True, you will not be able to save a manual order until payment for the full amount of the order has been entered.


If TRUE, a Sales Person must be selected before a Manual Order can be saved.


If True, the Manual Orders screen will default the Salesperson to the current Order Manager user.


Set to true (default) to warn user that authorization on order has not been captured at the time the order is being saved. Set to false to ship this warning


When adding customer to Manual Order, set to True to display total amount of store credit customer has available


Set whether View Item button is visible at Manual Orders screen.


If TRUE, when entering Manual Orders, the cursor will skip from the Item drop-down list to the Add Line Item button, skipping over the Shipping Date and Backorder fields.


If ManualOrdersBuildSubSKUs is True, get price, cost and weight from the parent SKU and its selected options, or from the product record for the sub SKU?


If TRUE, when a Manual Order is entered for an existing customer that has their originating shopping cart in their Source field, the program will pre-set the Shopping Cart to that source.


Set to true to display a dialog box containing notes for the selected customer (Default=false)


If True, the program will warn you if you try to save a Manual Order without entering any payments.


If DoZipLookup is True, go from Address 2 to Zipcode, then to City and State.


If True, you will be able to edit the price, sale price and On Sale check box when you click the Multi-Select button to add items to a Manual Order.


If a manually entered order is not approved for any reason, show the print options anyway? TRUE=Yes. FALSE=No printing later when the orders are approved.


Email address to send copies when Quotes are sent.


If TRUE, orders entered at the Manual Orders form will require selection of a shipping method. If FALSE, shipping methods are optional.


If True, Order Manager will inform you if there is no cross sell products associated with the product being added to the order.



Created: 5/6/11

Modified: 9/23/11




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