MOM Parameter Group

The Order Manager includes hundreds of System Parameters that can be used to tailor the program to a merchant's way of doing business.

To change a system parameter, go to the Maintenance Menu and double-click "Set System Parameters" from the list of links, or select System Parameters from the Quick Clicks on the Main Menu. For instructions, review the Knowledge Base page, Set System Parameters.

For ease of use, the system parameters are divided into "Parameter Groups" with related functions. This article describes the parameters that are part of the MOM (Dydacomp's Mail Order Manager) parameter group.


Parameter Name



If TRUE, each time orders are imported from a shopping cart, those orders will also be exported to a text file formatted for importing into Dydacomp's Mail Order Manager.


Location where text files for importing into Mail Order Manager will be created.



Created: 10/6/11




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