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Faxing Purchase Orders via Microsoft Fax


Introduced in version 4.308


Prior to Order Manager Version 4.308, purchase orders could only be faxed using WinFax Pro. Version 4.308 allows you to fax purchase orders using Microsoft Fax, which is included with Windows XP and subsequent versions of the Windows operating system. When you create and send purchase orders at the Purchase Orders screen, or create new drop ship purchase orders, the program automatically faxes the purchase orders for you. Microsoft Fax displays the fax’s progress while it is being sent.

Fax Purchase Orders with Microsoft Fax
  1. Make sure you have a fax modem in your computer and that Windows is configured to use it. To test it, go to the Windows Control Panel. Open the Printers and Faxes window. If your fax modem is not in the list of printers, follow the prompts to install and configure it. If it is in the list, double-click it to open the Windows Fax Console. Go to File>Send a Fax and try to send a test fax. If it works, you are ready to send faxes with the Order Manager. If it fails, you must figure out what is wrong and fix it before you can send faxes with the Order Manager.

  2. In the Order Manager, go to Set System Parameters. Select the Communications parameter group. Configure the following parameters to suit your needs:



  1. Edit the purchase order options for your suppliers as needed.



Created: 1/17/12

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