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Exporting Imported Orders to Mail Order Manager


The Stone Edge Order Manager can now be used to download orders from any of the shopping cart systems that it supports, then export those orders to Dydacomp's Mail Order Manager ("MOM"). You can use any of the Order Manager's standard import features to manipulate the data prior to exporting, including Import Rules, building Sub SKUs, etc. The data is exported in a text file format that is compatible with the Mail Order Manager Import/Export Module, which is a separate program sold by Dydacomp for use with MOM.


Only orders imported from a shopping cart can be exported to MOM. The export happens automatically following each import from a shopping cart. Manual Orders, POS orders, and orders that have been modified after their initial import cannot be exported to MOM.


To export orders to Mail Order Manager, set the System Parameter "ExportToMOM" (in the MOM parameter group) to True. The export will occur automatically after each import from a shopping cart. There is no way to export Manual or POS orders, since they would normally be entered directly into MOM.

Approval rules, subSKU building, etc. will all be used prior to doing the export, so you can use many of the Order Manager's tools to pre-process data before it goes to MOM.

You also have some control over what is exported to MOM by setting up the table called MOMExportFields. That table is automatically created when you turn on the ExportToMOM function. The table has a list of MOM fields in the Field Name column. Those field names should never be changed. It has the names of Order Manager fields in the Source Field column. If the Source Field is empty, the Order Manager will either send a standard field to MOM, or will skip that field. Finally, there is an OK to Change column that indicates whether it is safe to change the Source Field for each row. In those cases where the Source Field can be changed, you can enter the name of any field in the Order Manager's "Orders" table.


If you enter text into the Source Field column with double quotes around it, that exact text (without the quotes) will be inserted into that field in each record in the text file. For example, the SOURCE_KEY field could be set to "Web Orders".



Created: 1/17/12

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