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The Edit Address screen can be called from several locations in the program where customer information is recorded, outside of the View Customer screen (Customer record). This screen allows the user to update the existing Customer record, as well as customer information on previous orders, with the new information simultaneously.

Description of the Screen


Figure 1: Edit Address (Revise Customer and Sold To Address) screen

Using the Edit Address Screen

As an example, Figure 2 shows the Manual Orders, Addresses tab in the background and the Edit Address screen in the foreground. As this manual order was being placed, the user entered the customer's ID in the Addresses tab and the information from the existing customer record was populated in the BILL TO section of the Addresses tab. The user then proceeded to enter a value in the Address 2 field, which was blank in the customer record, and clicked the [Update Customer Records] button, causing the Edit Address screen to open:

Figure 2: Manual Orders Addresses tab and Edit Address dialog

  1. To update just the customer record, check the box labeled Replace Customer data with revised data.

  2. To update previous orders as well, do one of the following:

    1. To update all of the customer's previous orders with the new information, check the box labeled Update All.

    2. To only update some of the customer's orders with the new information, check the box labeled Selected, and choose the orders that should be changed by holding down the [CTRL] key and clicking on the orders that should be changed.

  3. When the final selections have been made, click the [OK] button to make the changes.

  4. To exit from the Edit Address screen without making any changes, click the [Cancel] button.


Created: 9/17/10

Modified: 1/17/12

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