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The Order Manager, by itself, does not perform Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transfers. However we are aware that a third party company, 1 EDI Source, has implemented an EDI solution for several users of the Stone Edge Order Manager. If you are interested in pursuing EDI data transfers, their contact information is provided below.

Contact Information

Name:    1 EDI Source, Inc.  

Contact:  Bryan Colosi

Address: 31875 Solon Road Suite #2, Solon, OH  44139

Phone:    1-877-EDI-1EDI

Main:      440-519-7800 x 159

Direct:     877-334-1334 x 159

Fax:        440-542-9370

Email:     bcolosi@1edisource.com

Web:      http://www.1edisource.com/


Created: 10/10/11

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