DAZzle Parameter Group

The Order Manager uses hundreds of System Parameters to tailor the program to a merchant's way of doing business.

Each system parameter is associated with a particular parameter group, based on its function. One way of viewing system parameters is to select a specific Parameter Group at the Set System Parameters screen. It is also possible to search for a parameter by entering a portion of its name.

While some parameters could logically belong to more than one parameter group, the program only assigns a parameter to a single group. Be sure to look for other related group names when researching the available parameters for a particular function.

To change a system parameter, go to the Maintenance Menu and double-click [Set System Parameters] from the list of links, or select [System Parameters] from the Quick Clicks on the Main Menu. For instructions, review the Knowledge Base topic Set System Parameters.

This topic describes the parameters that are part of the DAZzle parameter group.


Parameter Name



It FALSE, email addresses will only be sent to DAZzle if there is no separate Ship To address for an order. If TRUE, the email address, which comes from the Bill To address, will always be sent to DAZzle.


If TRUE, Dazzle will be closed automatically after printing is finished.


If True, when shipping an international Dazzle package, the line item data will be filled in automatically.


Sets the default value of the Subtract Boxes from Inventory check box on the Dazzle Batch screen.


If True, when you click the Dazzle button at (View) Orders, if the order is not approved yet, the program will ask if you want to print it anyway.


If True, the program will tell you when single Dazzle labels have been printed successfully. If False, that message will be skipped.


VERY IMPORTANT!!! If your weights are in pounds, set this to TRUE and the Order Manager will multiply your weights times 16 to convert them to ounces, as required by Dazzle.


Optional cost center for Dazzle accounting purposes.


Sets default state of Auto Print Customs Form check box.


Sets default value of Include International Shipments check box on Dazzle Batch form.


Default Certificate of Mailing option for Dazzle shipments.


If there is a balance due when you send an order to Dazzle, default to collecting the balance via COD?


Default Delivery Confirmation option for Dazzle shipments.


Default Flat Rate option for Dazzle shipments.


Default Flat Rate Box option for Dazzle shipments.


Default insurance carrier (if any) for your USPS shipments.


Default Return Receipt option for Dazzle shipments.


Default Registered Mail option for Dazzle shipments.


Default Restricted Delivery option for Dazzle shipments.


Default Signature Confirmation option for Dazzle shipments.


Determines the default setting for "Weights are in (pounds or ounces)" on the Customs Information tab of the Dazzle form.


Default weight IN OUNCES to use when printing USPS labels via Dazzle. This weight is only used if there is no weight in the order. You should only use this parameter if the majority of your orders ship with the same weight.


Set to True to prevent kit parts from being added to the International Customs form.


Optional but strongly recommended. Full path to a Dazzle layout file. If nothing is entered here, Dazzle will print using its current layout. We recommend entering a layout path here to avoid accidentally printing with the wrong layout. Layouts can also be specified by shipping method, so you can, for example, automatically use one layout for Express Mail and different layouts for other shipping methods.


Set to True (default) to run the "Process Tracking Numbers" utility (to email numbers, etc.) after processing an order or batch through Dazzle. If set to False, no tracking number processing is done until you click on the "Process Tracking Numbers" button on the Maintenance Menu.


If FALSE, Dazzle will suppress all printing windows and information boxes. If TRUE, Dazzle may display prompts and messages during printing.


The number of days to add to the current date when setting the Postmark date for your packages. Uses Shipping parameters ShipDaysSkipMonday, ShipDaysSkipTuesday, etc. to calculate when packages exported to Dazzle today will actually be shipped.


Only applies when sending one address to Dazzle using the Dazzle button on the View Orders form. If FALSE, Dazzle will suppress all printing windows and information boxes. If TRUE, Dazzle may display prompts and messages during printing.


If TRUE, addresses that cannot be verified by Dazzle will not be printed.


If True, Dazzle's Stealth mode will be used on any package using delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, Express Mail or Global Express Mail.


f TRUE, Dazzle will print sample (non-usable) postage. If FALSE, Dazzle will print real postage. This parameter defaults to TRUE because you should start out in test mode to make sure everything is working correctly before you turn on real postage printing.


If TRUE, approved orders that use a USPS/DAZzle shipping method will be added to the DAZzle batch queue. If FALSE, you will only be able to ship via DAZzle one order at a time in View Orders or in Order Manager's Pack and Ship and QuickShip screens.


If True, if an international shipment has a Customs ID and no Delivery Confirmation tracking number, the Customs ID will be used for a tracking number.


Set to True if you wish to have Order Manager send order information to Dazzle in the Rubber Stamps feature of Dazzle.


This controls the Declared Value for shipments processed thru Dazzle. Set to 1 to report the full product price of each order. Set to .5 to report 50% of the product price, .75 for 75%, etc.




Created: 4/25/11

Updated: 1/12/12




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