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Copy Shipping Queries

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This topic discusses the function called Copy Shipping Queries, that can be executed from the Shipping & Fulfillment tab of the Maintenance Menu. This function is used to ensure that the latest queries needed by ODBC shipping software applications, such as UPS WorldShip or FedEx ShipManager, are installed in the customer's data file. It also copies the Countries table.

If there is a problem connecting to an external shipping application that uses an ODBC connection, execute the Copy Shipping Queries function.

There is no user interface for this function, when the link is double-clicked, the program immediately executes a command in the background that copies a series of queries from the program file to the customer's store data file. The process takes only a few seconds, and the user is notified when it has been completed.

Queries that are Copied


WorldShip Proper Case

WorldShip Proper Case AC





Created: 4/11/11

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