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Clear Transaction Flag

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The Order Manager automatically sets a flag on an order during payment transmission. When the payment transmission from the credit card gateway is successful, the Order Manager will clear the transaction flag. If the Order Manager does not receive a response from the credit card gateway (e.g., in the event of a system crash, credit card gateway failure, or lost internet connection) the flag will remain "on" and you will be unable transmit payment again until the Clear Transaction Flag function is executed. Be sure to check whether the transaction was successful at the gateway before using this tool.

Clearing a Transaction Flag

  1. Go to the Main Menu > Maintenance Menu icon > Maintenance tab.

  2. Click [Clear Transaction Flag].

  3. To proceed with the action, click the [OK] button, otherwise, click the [No] button to cancel the action

Figure 1: Confirmation Message Box when clearing a transaction flag


Created: 1/25/11

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