Barcode Parameter Group

The Order Manager uses hundreds of System Parameters to tailor the program to a merchant's way of doing business.

Each system parameter is associated with a particular parameter group, based on its function. One way of viewing system parameters is to select a specific Parameter Group at the Set System Parameters screen. It is also possible to search for a parameter by entering a portion of its name.

While some parameters could logically belong to more than one parameter group, the program only assigns a parameter to a single group. Be sure to look for other related group names when researching the available parameters for a particular function.

To change a system parameter, go to the Maintenance Menu and double-click [Set System Parameters] from the list of links, or select [System Parameters] from the Quick Clicks on the Main Menu. For instructions, review the Knowledge Base topic Set System Parameters.

This topic describes the parameters that are part of the Barcode parameter group.

Parameter Name



If True, when you manually add a new product, the program will automatically generate a unique barcode number. The number of digits in the barcode is determined by the parameter BarcodeDigits.


For the Inventory form only. Set to True to have the system perform a search for an item based on the barcode scanned. Set to False to update the current item's barcode information.


Used by AutoGenerateBarcodes function. Enter a number from 3 to 9. Entering 4 will give you barcodes from 1000 to 9999. If using BarcodeSet C, be sure to set this parameter to an even number of digits. Otherwise, the program will add a leading zero to your barcode scans.


Field in inventory table that contains unique barcodes. Used for inventory scanning. Do NOT set this field equal to the name of another Order Manager field name, such as SKU.


Only used by barcode label report formats.


Special characters that barcode scanner inserts before scanned characters to tell the program that data is coming from the scanner. Suggested characters: 3 tildes (" ~~~ ").


Determines which variation of Code 128 barcodes (Codeset A, B or C) will be printed on invoices, barcode labels, etc. A: Numerals and upper-case letters. B: Numerals, upper- and lower-case letters. C: Numerals only; adds leading zero if there are an odd number of numerals.


Single character that barcode scanner inserts following scanned characters to tell the program that data is coming from the scanner. Suggested character: a slash (" / ").


If TRUE, when you scan a barcode at the Point of Sale, Purchase Orders or Inventory Scanner forms, if the barcode cannot be found in your Inventory data, the program will also look for it in the Supplier's Barcode field in your Inventory Supplier's data.



Created: 8/8/2011

Modified: 2/6/12




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