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APG Series 100 Cash Drawer Setup

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10/16/13: This topic applies to older APG Cash Drawers that are opened using a trigger file. If you have purchased a new drawer that does not use a trigger file, you can open the drawer through an Epson TM series receipt printer. Read the printer manufacturer's documentation to determine the character and font to enter into the Printer fields on the Cash Drawer tab of the POS Setup screen.


This cash drawer has a USB interface. By plugging it in to an available USB port, the hardware drivers are automatically installed in Windows. If they do not automatically install, please refer to the CD-Rom included with the drawer and the manufacturer's documentation.


Once the drawer is physically connected to the PC, follow the steps below to use it with Stone Edge:


  1. Download the Stone Edge "Trigger File" by clicking here.

  2. Copy this file to the c:\StoneEdge directory of each and every computer which is used as a POS terminal.

  3. Go to Maintenance Menu> Maintenance> Set System Parameters.

  4. In the POS Parameter Group, select the parameter CashDrawerTriggerFile.

  5. Click the Browse button and select the trigger file (c:\stoneedge\apgcdtrigger.exe) that you saved to your Stone Edge directory. (The Order Manager will execute this file when you click the Open Cash Drawer button on the POS form.)

  6. Select the OpenCashDrawerAutomatically parameter (in the POS group) and set it to TRUE if you want the drawer to open when you save an order.

  7. Select the ShowCashDrawerButton and set it to TRUE if you want a button on the POS screen to open the drawer.

Additional Considerations

This cash drawer draws power directly from the USB port on your PC. Some newer PCs have energy saving features which may interfere with the drawer and cause it to not receive enough power to open. If you find that this is the case, you can purchase a powered USB hub and plug the drawer into the hub.


Once the drawer is receiving enough power, it will need to charge for a few minutes before operating reliably. It is recommended that you plug it in, confirm that it works, then leave the drawer unused for at least an hour.


Note: While it is possible to do, Stone Edge Technologies, Inc. does not recommend nor support the practice of triggering a cash drawer via a printer. The user is responsible for identifying the appropriate Drawer Open Character and Drawer Open Character Font used by the printer that needs to be entered into the POS Settings in Order Manager. A drawback of using this method is that something has to be printed for the drawer to open.



Created: 1/17/12

Modified: 11/16/13

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