UPS WorldShip Shipping Methods

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Should you find that WorldShip does not recognize the shipping method specified on an order, you can either adjust the shipping method reported by your website or set up a translation for the shipping method.

For example, WorldShip recognizes "Ground" as a shipping method but it does not recognize "UPS Ground Residential" and will default to the standard shipping method you specify upon importing the order information. Setting up a translation will prevent this from happening.

Set Up Translations

  1. In WorldShip, click the UPS Online Connect Menu and select Create/Edit Map.

  2. Select the import map you use with Order Manager and click on the Edit button.

  3. In the "What You Have Mapped So Far" list at the bottom of the Edit window, select "WorldShipOrders::Shipping".

  4. Click on the Edit button on the right side under the WorldShip field list.

  5. Enter the Shipping Method reported by your website (see the Shipping & Tracking tab of the View Orders screen in Order Manager) into the External Field text box and enter the shipping method recognized by UPS WorldShip in the WorldShip Field text box (check the UPS Service drop-down list on WorldShip’s main screen). Click on the Add button to enter the translation in the list.

  6. Repeat for each method that UPS does not recognize and when finished, click OK (3 times) to return to WorldShip’s main screen.


Note: WorldShip has limitations on the length of incoming text. Keep the shipping method names short and simple.


Created: 2/7/12

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