Editing a WorldShip Map

If necessary, you can edit a UPS WorldShip field map to ensure the required information is exported to the shipping program.

  1. Start UPS Online WorldShip.

  2. Click UPS Online Connect menu.

  3. Select Create/Edit Map.

  4. Select the map you wish to edit from the Existing Maps list. Note: Look for the name you entered during the UPS Setup.

  5. Click Edit.

  6. To link the fields in the Order Manager to the fields in WorldShip, select a field from the ODBC Tables list (Order Manager fields), e.g. OrderNumber.

  7. Select the category and then the corresponding field that relates to the field you selected in step 6 from the WorldShip Fields drop down list, e.g. category=Package field= Reference1.

  8. Click on the Connect button to link the fields. A small red infinity symbol appears next to the fields indicating that they are linked. The two fields also appear in the "What You Have Mapped So Far" list at the bottom of the screen.

  9. To change how the fields are mapped, select the fields from the "What You Have Mapped So Far" list and click on the Disconnect button to break the current link between the fields. Link the Order Manager field to a different WorldShip field by following steps 6-8 above.

  10. When all of the fields are linked, click OK. You view returns to the Create/Edit Map window.

  11. Click OK to return to the main WorldShip screen.

Created: 2/7/12

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