Correcting Shipping Rate Discrepancies

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This article applies to merchants who ship via UPS and/or FedEx, using the Order Manager’s built-in shipping software, and explains how to correct discrepancies in shipping rate estimates between the Order Manager and other shipping software such as UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, or the UPS or FedEx websites.


To ensure that the Order Manager returns the same shipping rate that your customers get when making a purchase from your online store or the shipping rate you get when processing an order through WorldShip, Ship Manager, the UPS website, or the FedEx website, you must configure the SAME shipping options across each of the applications.


Most discrepancies between the shipping rates returned by the Order Manager and other shipping software occur because one or more shipment options with an associated cost is selected in one application, but not selected in the other. The most common options that cause discrepancies are Residential Address and Delivery Confirmation.

Setting Shipping Options Using the Setup Wizard

Follow this process to ensure that you receive consistent rates across all applications:

  1. Set your default shipping options in the UPS OnLine Tools Setup Wizard in the Order Manager (on the Shipping tab of the Order Manager Setup Wizard).

  2. Then, set those same options to match in your Web store or shipping software.

  3. In the Order Manger, your default settings are applied on every shipment. To override the default settings at time of shipment, you can make changes on the UPS or FedEx shipment forms. However, these forms are not available on all shipping screens. Following is a list of the shipping screens in the Order Manger and what level of changes can be made on each shipping screen.

Setting Shipping Options on the UPS form in the Order Manager

The following section lists the shipping options available on the Order Manager’s built-in UPS form. When configuring shipping options on this screen, make sure the settings match the shipping settings on your Web store.

Shipping Options on the Order Manager’s UPS Shipping Form

Figure 1: The UPS OnLine Tools Shipping screen in the Order Manager.


Note: The following list reflects the options as they are labeled on the UPS Online Tools Shipping form the Order Manager. Your shipper may label these options differently. Consult your shipper for option names, if necessary.


These options affect final shipping cost:

No Confirmation – No confirmation at all required

Confirmation with No signature – Confirmation required, WITHOUT signature

Signature – Signature confirmation required

Adult Signature – Requires adult signature


Created: 7/3/08

Ported: 11/3/14

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